3 Preschool Programs your Child Will Love During the Summer

Preschool is a great way for your child to learn, socialize, and play throughout the year, but your child should continue reaping the benefits of preschool programs after hours, especially during the fall when they are coming off the playful summer months. Here are a few fun and educational programs your preschooler will enjoy as everyone gets back to school.

Hobby Classes

Preschool-aged children are capable of having hobbies and preschool programs are great ways to enhance their existing interests or introduce them to new interests.

If your child is active and shows an interest in a specific sport, consider an after school program centered around this interest. Basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and even martial arts camps are all available in most areas. If your child has recently shown a special interest, the school year is the perfect time to introduce them to one of these sports without investing a significant amount of time or money.

Your young child may also have developed an interest in other hobbies over the summer. Art, such as drawing, painting, or pottery, cooking, and even video game camps may all be options to consider once your child has gone back to school.

Summer Preschool

The summer is an excellent time to prepare your child for the upcoming school year. Preschool programs are available during the summer months, educating your child in a fun and effective manner while ensuring they are ready for the next school year.

If your child is in their last year of preschool before kindergarten, consider an after school program to help prepare them for school. From writing and reading to the basics of math and science, educators will help build a solid foundation that will follow your child throughout their entire educational career.

STEM Courses

Science, technology, engineering, and math are an essential part of everyone’s life today, so opening the door to these topics is a worthwhile investment for your child.

Today, more and more parents are enrolling their preschoolers into preschool education that is STEM focused. These programs focus on science, technology, engineering, and math using play, experiments, computer games, field trips, and structured lessons to educate your child.

STEM programs are not only educational, but they are unique experiences that may help your child develop strong passions that could lead to careers in the field.

To learn about other educational and fun preschool programs for your child as everyone gears up for the “back to school” season, contact Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center at 972-396-0099.

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