Preschool Education Allen TXSummer is a great time for kids to take a break, relax, and have some fun. It can also help get their brains moving for their preschool education! These top 5 summer sports will help your child stay active this summer.

  1. Swimming – Whether taking lessons or competing on a team, swimming is a strengthening sport. It will help kids stay safe in the neighborhood pool or on the beach.
  2. Volleyball – It’s a great backyard summer sport, and it’s especially fun to bring your ball to the beach! Get a ball, set up a net, and grab some friends for a fun day in the sun!
  3. Basketball – From the driveway to the court, this sport is highly active and teaches teamwork. It also teaches kids to be alert and quickly solve tough problems.
  4. Soccer – Soccer is fun, active, and easily played anywhere. It’s a great sport that teaches kids to be aware of their surroundings.
  5. Baseball – This popular sport teaches kids how to play their own position and still work as a team.

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