How Early Child Care Benefits The Development And Future Of A Child

If you work outside your home and you have children, then you know how important it is to have quality, early child development and carefor them.  If you’re like most parents, you’re probably wracked with guilt about having to leave them in the care of strangers all day but take heart; outside-the-home child care is worse for you than it is for your children.  In fact, placing your children in a high-quality early child development and care center can have a number of short- and long-term benefits for them that include:

Better Social Development
The more chances your children have to interact with others, the more they’ll learn how to socialize with their peers and with adults outside their family.  Though daycare isn’t the only way for children to learn how to communicate with others, it does offer more types of interactions like sharing, making friends and taking turns.  To do any of these well requires the development of fairly complex language skills.  In addition, day-to-day interaction with other children can help children to feel more comfortable in group situations and can help them to understand what are and aren’t socially acceptable behaviors, like learning how to listen when someone else is talking or asking for a toy instead of simply taking it.

Better Academic Achievement
High-quality child care won’t turn your children into super geniuses but it will give them learning skills and basic knowledge that will help them when they enter school and beyond.  Many child care centers employ professionally-trained teachers who understand child development, expected learning goals and realistic outcomes.  For instance, child care professionals know when children should know the alphabet and when they should be able to count to 10.  They can also create a variety of lessons to reinforce math, reading and other skills.

Better Language Development
Communicating with their peers and with adults is vital but it’s just the beginning when it comes to language development.  Children should be given the opportunity to use expressive language when they talk and receptive language when they listen and they should be exposed to an expanded and more sophisticated vocabulary.  Early childhood development specialists know that children don’t have to be “talked down” to and that a bigger vocabulary will increase their comprehension and reading skills, both of which will serve them well into the future.

Better Motor Development
Children who are enrolled in quality child care centers are continuously engaged in activities that require movement and motor skills, whether they’re running, playing on a jungle gym, painting or stringing beads.  In fact, child care centers are ideal environments for developing both gross and fine motor skills in young children.  Gross motor skills include large muscle development, balance and coordination, while fine motor skills involve the small muscles in the hands and the development of hand-eye coordination.

If you’re concerned because you’re faced with placing your child in daycare while you’re at work, call Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center at (972) 396-0099.  We are the best early child development and care center in Plano, TX and we offer the highest-quality child care in North Texas.  Visit us online at to find out more.

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