Kindergarten Readiness Allen TXIf you haven’t thought about your child’s kindergarten readiness, you should; because a new school year is right around the corner and kindergarten is an important educational step for your child.  It’s their transition from preschool, daycare or being at home all day with you to 12 years of formal education.  The experiences your child has in kindergarten can affect the way they relate to their peers and the way they engage in school for the rest of their educational life.  What does that mean for you, as a parent?  It means you must make sure that your child is developmentally ready for kindergarten so that he or she doesn’t struggle unnecessarily.  Here are some things to look for:

Curiosity About The World Around Them

Curiosity is the basis for learning, whether it’s learning about shapes and colors or about the solar system and Shakespeare.  A child who is curious about the world around them will be more successful in kindergarten and beyond.  You can encourage your child’s curiosity by piquing it; ask specific questions about subjects he or she likes and then give them the tools to find the answers.  You can do that by taking your child to the public library and by introducing them to online search tools.

A Desire To Be Independent

Once in kindergarten, your child will be expected to accomplish a number of tasks by themselves, like pouring drinks, putting on shoes and jackets and going to the bathroom and washing hands.  If your child already prefers to do things on their own, let them continue to do more.  If he or she wants or seems to need your help to take care of themselves, encourage them to try to do things on their own – and make sure you don’t jump in to help.  Their self-confidence will increase if you simply applaud their efforts.

Good Oral-Language Skills

Generally, children learn to talk before they learn to read.  If your child loves to talk and develops an extensive vocabulary before they start kindergarten, it will translate to success in school because they will be more likely to be able to understand written words and their context.  Being able to read with understanding is the basis for learning in every subject matter.  You can help your child to build their vocabulary and understanding of words by introducing them to, and talking about, new things, places and concepts every day.

The Ability To Listen

Talking is half of the picture when it comes to school success; the other half is listening.  As a parent, you can encourage good listening skills – and the desire to listen – by reading to your child.  The more animated you are and the more you show them how much fun books and reading are, the more likely it is that they are going to get excited by the idea of listening to stories and acquiring information.  With good listening skills and an expanding vocabulary, your kindergartener will become good at processing information he or she hears, which is extremely important when it comes to school success.

Understand that no child is ever completely prepared for school, but you can help in a number of ways to ensure that your child has as many tools as possible to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  To ensure your child’s kindergarten readiness, discover our kindergarten-prep programs at Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center in Allen, TX.  Call us at (972) 396-0099 or visit us online at

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