Preschool Programs for 4 Year Olds in Allen, TX

The Land of The Letter People program for four-year-olds provides a warm, friendly environment in which children are encouraged to further develop their
emerging literacy and social skills with the assurance that their own knowledge and ideas are respected and valued.preschool programs for 4 year olds in allen tx

The Land of The Letter People is the second level in the continuum of The Letter People programs and works to help prepare students for Kindergarten. The Land of The Letter People Language Arts curriculum makes language come alive in the classroom, adding a vital ingredient to the learning activities. Since no two children are exactly alike, The Land of The Letter People starts from where the child is, and offers a wide range of whole-class, small-group, and individual learning experiences to meet the child’s individual needs. The program provides numerous avenues leading toward the goal of literacy.

Utilizing The Land of The Letter People as a framework, Kindergarten Prep teachers weave the characters into every part of the integrated curriculum. The Letter People participate with the children as they learn vital concepts in the math curriculum, which is structured from the McGraw Hill Mathematics Pre-K Program, explore science concepts through hands-on experiments, create with art and music, and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

By beginning with the child’s background and natural desire to learn and then adding their own background and expertise, Kindergarten Prep teachers add lively learning experiences in partnership with the incomparable Letter People!

Class Size: 16 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8 to 1

Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center 802 S Alma Drive #100, Allen, TX 972-396-0099

NAEYC Accreditation: The Right Choice for Kids

When parents want the best, they choose Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center. We are the only preschool accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Allen Texas.

NAEYC accreditation assures you that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. Accredited programs have met NAEYC’s 10 standards for high quality Early Childhood Education. These programs have demonstrated that they provide a safe and healthy environment for children, have teachers who are well trained, have access to excellent teaching material, and work with a curriculum that is appropriately challenging and developmentally sound.

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