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“Kindergarten Prep exceeds my expectations…”

– Alexandra Cogburn


“Kindergarten Prep has been a wonderfully positive experience…”

– Dr. Aaron Block


“Kindergarten Prep feels like family and I feel connected even when I am at work…”

– Sarah Vartabedian


“Kindergarten Prep exceeds my expectations…”

– Amy Russell


Kindergarten Prep is by far the best option in the area.  The teachers are educated, well trained and have a spirit of love. My children come home every day with a new song or new things they want to show me they learned at school. The school is very clean (kids start the day washing hands and wash all day long) and we do not have problems with seasonal illnesses that we had at another popular school in the area.  My first Kindergarten Prep graduate started kindergarten with the ability to read and do simple math in her head.  She is now a leader in her kindergarten class and helps other children.  The school is affordable and smaller class room sizes confirm that my children get the one on one education and care they need every day. 
Michelle B.

All three of my children have gone to Kindergarten Prep.  I currently have a daughter in the pre-kindergarten program.  As an elementary school teacher, I value the quality curriculum and developmentally appropriate activities which help build fine motor skills, early reading skills and building math understanding. The school provides great social and academic preparation for Kindergarten while providing a loving, structured environment PLUS low student to teacher ratios. The school has high quality teachers and a hands-on leadership team assuring consistency and excellence. Kindergarten Prep provides progress reports and conferences so we are updated on our daughter’s development.  I know my daughter is being provided with attention and the foundation she needs to be successful in Kindergarten.
Stacy L.

We entered our son into Kindergarten Prep Child Care for one year when he was 4 years old. He went from dreading leaving Mommy every day for work (and going into daycare) to pushing us out the door because he was so excited for all the fun at Kindergarten Prep. The best part was that during all that fun he was learning, growing, and developing by leaps and bounds. They have the perfect balance of social development and physical play always intertwined with educational lessons. He entered Kindergarten at Story Elementary completely prepared and immediately earned high marks in all categories. I see it as 100% vital to prepare your children for Kindergarten and I am happy to say Kindergarten Prep’s the best! We put our daughter in a year earlier at the age of 3 so she can enjoy two years at Kindergarten Prep before going into Kindergarten. Her progress in just the first four months is remarkable. I couldn’t recommend Kindergarten Prep more.
Amber P.

We moved to Allen a little over a year ago and with a 4 year old daughter, finding a good preschool was our top priority.  We visited many schools around the area but what stood out most about Kindergarten Prep was the low teacher to student ratio.  We also appreciated the warm welcome we received when visiting the school and immediately were drawn to the quaint and diverse environment.  Our daughter has been attending Kindergarten Prep for over a year now and we love it!  The staff is very friendly and attentive.  There is a strong focus on the curriculum and ensuring each student is learning at their own pace. Thank you Kindergarten Prep for your constant support and partnership as we prepare our little preschooler for the next step!
Caroline R

My daughter is in the 3’s program at Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center and she loves and enjoys going to school every day. I love the fact that they use play as a mean of learning and the fact that they teach them socializing skills. The teachers create such a beautiful bond with the students and this makes for an amazing classroom environment. The staff is wonderful with my daughter, they know everyone by name and talk to them in the morning and when parents pick them up. I feel comfortable leaving my child at school every day because I know they are well taken care of and they are learning so much! Thank you!
Sally F.

I’m so happy we found Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center! My son will only have one year of Preschool before kindergarten, so I knew it would be an important year. At Kindergarten Prep I feel like my son is rapidly learning the basics like letter recognition and writing while also having fun. I love that the school also focuses on getting him ready for Kindergarten by helping him be responsible for his own papers, coat, backpack, and fostering other developmental lessons. The teachers are kind, cheerful and obviously love children. The administrators are helpful and efficient. This is my fourth experience with Preschool for my children and it is by far the best!
Nancy W.

We transitioned to Kindergarten Prep from another preschool in the fall.  The transformation was immediate (literally – on Day 1)!  My son boasted with enthusiasm things he had learned that day and really, every day since.  As a single parent, I sincerely appreciate how nurturing, familial and 110% student focused the teaching and faculty staff is.  My son and I feel very lucky to be part of the Kindergarten Prep Child Care family.
Katherine B.

Our family has been very pleased with Kindergarten Prep.  Our oldest son went through the school and now our second son is attending.  We have been happy with the educational curriculum, and he is excited about what he is learning. The staff is always friendly and helpful.  Communication is always open (through email, phone, or in person).
Nick R.

We absolutely love the program and staff at the Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center!!  This is our child’s second year attending the school and we have seen a tremendous change in his development from last year to today. Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center’s staff is excellent, patient and very knowledgeable. We take comfort knowing our child is in a safe and nurturing educational environment. We also enjoy being able to come to the class and participate in art projects or reading to the children. We highly recommend Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center for your child’s learning needs.
T. Butler

I am so grateful to Apple Creek because it has transformed my child from a timid little baby to a more outgoing and confident big boy. As a parent, I feel very comfortable communicating with teachers and admin staff, which is very important to me. I trust the school so much that I am sending my other child to it next year.
May H.

My son is in the Pre-K program, and this school has brought out the very best in him. After joining Kindergarten Prep, there has been a great improvement in his cognitive and social skills. The teachers are loving, well-trained, and supportive. They do a great job in keeping us informed about his progress.  Another strong point of this school is their positive guidance approach. This is definitely a well-run school. We truly appreciate the efforts of the Director and her awesome team!
Nishana T.

My daughter attended Kindergarten Prep a couple years ago and we were so pleased with the program, that when it came time to decide again for our next child our youngest, it was a no brainer! The program is very balanced – fun and play and learning in a very nurturing environment. When you pick your child at the end of the day, you are happy to see them happy! When you like something well enough and go back and repeat, that must speak volumes! The Director and her team have it right! Kudos!

Repeat customer, satisfied parents!
Suma C.

As parents that care tremendously about the education and the wellbeing of our best gift in life, our child, we started a very thorough search for a pre-school.  Although Kindergarten Prep was the closest in distance, we went to every other pre-school that was rated high and credible.  Many other pre-schools advertise being the best of the best.  But, what we found is that once we walked in they didn’t provide what we were searching for. Although we were looking for the education and care, we cared just as much about the people that work there.  Finally, we realized that Kindergarten Prep was exactly what we were looking for.

With our child being at Kindergarten Prep for two years, the progress and the development we saw in our child has been amazing.  Our child has been growing constantly in both the personality and the education.  There wasn’t a day that our child resisted going to Kindergarten Prep.  The culture and the program at Kindergarten Prep continuously kept our child highly interested in attending.  We, today, are very glad that we took the time to dig deep into a pre-school that we can trust.  We wanted the right people, with the right product, and the right process.  Thank you to everyone at Kindergarten Prep whom has helped in getting our child ready for the next chapter. 
Lori & Tareq S

NAEYC Accreditation: The Right Choice for Kids

When parents want the best, they choose Kindergarten Prep Child Care Center. We are the only preschool accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Allen, Texas. NAEYC accreditation assures you that your child will be safe, healthy, and learning each day. Accredited programs have met NAEYC’s 10 standards for high quality Early Childhood Education. These programs have demonstrated that they provide a safe and healthy environment for children, have teachers who are well trained, have access to excellent teaching material, and work with a curriculum that is appropriately challenging and developmentally sound.